We use a bransh version of ISO-9001 (FR2000).

  • Krylbo Verkstäder manufacture advanced welded and processed/machined construction projects for the national and international subcontract manufacturing market.
  • We shall supply our customers with prompt services and products of the appropriate quality, with a service minded approach throughout.
  • At Krylbo Verkstäder we achieve this by:
    – Maintaining a high and consistent quality of our products
    – Being honest and reliable in our business transactions
    – Creating long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers and staff
    – Fulfilling our obligations with regard to delivery performance and meeting external and internal demands.
  • In addition we shall be:
    Flexible and adaptable with regard to our customers’ demands
  • At the same time, we shall always maintain Krylbo Verkstäder’s good image and work with continuous improvements, which affect the entire management system.