We use an industry version of ISO 14001 (FR2000).

  • Krylbo Verkstäder manufacture advanced welded and machined construction projects for the national and international subcontract manufacturing market.
  • It is of great importance to all of us at Krylbo Verkstäder that we live up to the requirements set by the outside world, authorities and our own internal demands in order to achieve our goal of environment-friendly manufacturing operations.
  • We shall abide by the relevant laws and regulations as well as work to minimise our environmental impact.
  • Our aim, through continuous environmental improvements, is to prevent pollution and minimise the risk of damaging effects to the environment from our operations and products.
  • Our staff shall be encouraged to share our feeling of responsibility for the environment so that environmental work becomes a natural part of daily operations.
  • Through having an open dialogue with our suppliers and customers, we shall act to reduce our products environmental impact.